Preserving and Sharing Langara History and Scholarship

What is an insArca Logotitutional repository?

An institutional repository is an innovation in scholarly communication meant for the storage, preservation, and dissemination of digital objects. These objects can take many forms and can include scholarly & artistic production, data sets, images, audio and video files, documents, and open learning resources. Many colleges and universities are creating institutional repositories as a way for students and faculty researchers to easily share their work and also to help comply with mandates for open access to research completed using government grants. Many examples of institutional repositories can be found throughout B.C.’s institutions of higher learning, including UBC’s cIRcle and SFU’s Summit.

Why an institutional repository at Langara?

We are fortunate at Langara to have faculty and students who are producing both meaningful scholarship and amazing artistic and cultural objects. Our Arca collection will provide our community a platform to store and share their digital content.

Join us!

Get involved in the development of Langara’s institutional repository. In order to create the institutional repository, we need content to go in it. If you, your faculty, or your department has digital objects that can be shared with the community, we would love to put them in the collection. Contact Librarian Alli Sullivan ( to get details on how to submit items.

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