New Roles in the Library

In 2009, the Library outlined ambitious strategic priorities which included working more closely with faculty, providing additional in-class instruction, and better integration into the program review and curriculum development process. Recognizing the time commitment of these activities, the Library advocated and received funding for a new librarian position. We are happy to announce that Allison Sullivan, who had been acting as Instructional Services Librarian during Ophelia’s maternity leave, will become a permanent member of the Library team, effective June 2016. Alli’s liaison areas will include Environmental Studies, Geography, International Education, and Political Science.

The addition of new personnel provides a great opportunity to reflect on the Library’s shifting priorities and identify gaps in our librarians’ current liaison and portfolio roles.

The following adjustments have been made to librarian portfolios:

  • Ophelia Ma has taken on a new role as the Library’s E-books Librarian. In this role, Ophelia will work with the Collections Coordinator to review subscriptions and processes related to the Library’s e-book collections.
  • Alli Sullivan will be reassuming the role of Instructional Services Librarian that she filled during Ophelia’s maternity leave. This position has been reimagined as the Teaching and Learning Librarian in order to better reflect the multitude of ways that librarians engage with students to support their learning during their time at Langara.
  • The Library has identified the need for a dedicated Assessment Librarian to synthesize statistics, set evaluation targets, and ensure that we are gathering meaningful measurements of our strategic priorities and goals. Dan Slessor will incorporate this assessment piece into his current communications portfolio.

Finally, the three-year coordinator cycle has come to an end and there are some new faces taking on coordinator positions within the Library. Media Librarian Annie Jensen is taking over for Vivian Feng as Coordinator of Reference Services. Electronic Resources Librarian Emma Lawson is succeeding Alison Curtis as the Coordinator of Collection Development. Ryan Vernon will remain the Coordinator of Technical Services.


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