Learning Commons Spring Report

We are happy to report that SWAP hours reduced during the Fall 2013 term were restored for the Spring 2014 term. Tutoring for academic subjects and writing help continues to be busy. While tutoring for some subjects saw an increase in or consistent number of student visits, two subjects had decreases over the same time in 2013. Plans are underway for more active promotion for the upcoming Fall term. Some numbers in brief:

  • Over 770 student visits in subject tutoring with February and March being the busiest.
  • 5136 hours of bookings for group study space that includes small study rooms, smart tables and mini-theatres
  • 4181 questions answered by the Reference Desk

Read the Complete Learning Commons Spring 2014 Report

The Working Group on Virtual Learning Commons recently engaged in a number of activities to get student and partner feedback to help us develop our Learning Commons Website. Some highlights of feedback from students include:

  • Desire for chat or email online writing help
  • Strong interest in online self-help in various subjects especially practice exercises
  • Quick information handouts and videos are the most preferred formats for self help

Read a  Summary of the Feedback and Priorities for Moving Forward

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