Langara Library wins the 2013 Charleston Photo Contest

The winning photo, "Triple Word Score"

Langara Library is proud to be among the winners of the 2013 Charleston Photo Contest.  The contest theme was “How do you market your library?”.

Excerpt from the press release:

For the 2013 photo contest, SAGE was eager to explore the various creative ways that librarians market their services to patrons. The winning entries were picked based on 3 criteria: ability to illustrate how the entrants market their library, creativity, and the quality of their photo.

“The photo entries that we received depicted clever, innovative, and creative efforts to market library services and connect with patrons. We were thrilled to receive so many quality entries,” stated Clive Parry, SAGE’s Vice President of Global Marketing.

In addition to our prize (an Amazon gift card), Langara’s winning photo “Triple Word Score” will be published in the 2014 SAGE calendar.  Details for the 12 winning photos can be viewed here.

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