Libraries a value proposition

What Libraries Should Be: A Values Proposition
by Barbara Fister in Inside Higher Ed, Library Babel Fish September 19, 2012

Worth reading the whole post.

  • Though it is in the classroom and while completing assignments that most students gain experience with these habits, the library can and should provide a laboratory or studio in which to practice them.
  • Wandering beyond assigned readings and textbooks gives students a chance to exercise their own judgment and make it stronger. Encountering conflicts in sources sharpens students’ critical senses.
  • Exploring unfamiliar things provides a sense of the vastness of the world, made less intimidating as students find fragile filaments of connection.
  • And even the humblest of public libraries offers its community the chance to experience the world through fresh perspectives, one of the functions and delights of reading for pleasure.

“We librarians seem anxious to prove our value these days, but what we really should articulate more clearly and loudly is our values.

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– Patricia

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