Students on IT & EdTech

The 2012 ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology from ECAR – Educause Center for Applied Research

A few points from the report’s promotional page:

ECAR Recommends

  • Look to emerging or established leaders (other institutions, other countries, other industries) for strategies to deliver instruction and curricular content to tablets and smartphones.
  • Prioritize the development of mobile-friendly resources and activities that students say are important
  • Bridge the gap between the technologies that have seen the greatest growth and students’ attitudes about their importance.
  • Use e-mail and the course and learning management system for formal communication with students. Experiment with text messaging and instant messaging/online chatting, and don’t focus efforts on using social networks and telephone conversations to interact with students.

See the 2012 report for a full list of actionable results, key messages, findings, and supporting data.


Study Shows What Teachers and Parents Really Think About Education Technology from Edudemic

“The Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission, a non-governmental organization exploring the opportunity to use technology to improve education in the United States, released poll results today that found that the majority of parents and teachers of K-12 students support greater use of technology in education.” Highlights

The majority of respondents:

  • would choose to spend money on internet -connected devices rather than textbooks;
  • feel as though they need better training in integrating technology in their classrooms;
  • support greater use of technology in education;
  • believe that integration of technology is important and will give students an advantage.
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