Beloit Mindset List 2016

Each August since 1998, Beloit College has released the Beloit College Mindset List, providing a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college this fall (assuming graduation in 4 years).

  • A few of the highlights for College students, born in 1994:
  • They have always lived in cyberspace, addicted to a new generation of “electronic narcotics.”
  • They have never seen an airplane “ticket.”
  • If they miss The Daily Show, they can always get their news on YouTube.
  • Having grown up with MP3s and iPods, they never listen to music on the car radio and really have no use for radio at all.
  • Their folks have never gazed with pride on a new set of bound encyclopedias on the bookshelf.
  • A significant percentage of them will enter college already displaying some hearing loss.
  • Probably the most tribal generation in history, they despise being separated from contact with their similar-aged friends.
  • Before they purchase an assigned textbook, they will investigate whether it is available for rent or purchase as an e-book.
  • They watch television everywhere but on a television.

The full list for this year and past years is at:

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