Quiet Coming Back

At Libraries, Quiet Makes a Comeback, by Jennifer Howard
The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 16, 2012

A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Technology section discusses the impact of technology on students and libraries. The ubiquitous computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets have made some parts of a student’s life easier… easier to collaborate on assignments, do research, keep up with social media, and also have your personal favourite study music on hand.  However, some situations (and students) require the least amount of distraction as possible.

Defining areas within the library for study, group projects, and networking continue to evolve and including a variety of sound levels has always been a part of our goal. At Langara we are developing a Learning Commons on our first floor where we encourage collaborative study and research as well as tutoring activities. The second floor has enclosed group study rooms and seating arrangements for quieter studying. Our third floor is designated “silent study.” At this point we are still challenged by the building, but have used carrels and tables for individual study.  This article discusses some of the challenges and how libraries are striving to find the solutions.

– Patricia

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