Game Changers

Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies

A new book from EDUCAUSE available full text online (free)

“It explores the tools and processes that can improve the quality, flexibility, and scalability of post secondary education. The book takes a hard look at the education landscape today and asks what that landscape might look like tomorrow. It asks important questions and pushes us to open our minds about how technology will shape the universe of possibility for tomorrow’s students” – preface

Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies is a collection of chapters and case studies contributed by college and university presidents, provosts, faculty, and other stakeholders.

“The chapters alone cannot illustrate all the innovative approaches using information technology that might change the game for education. In the book’s final section, over twenty case studies provide a wealth of examples of how institutions are improving education with information technology. The case studies span the globe and address new learning environments, approaches to sharing open content, recommendation systems that help students improve course success and reduce time to degree, how IT is enhancing “traditional” courses, and alternative credentialing systems. The cases also describe how research and analytics can drive and support change” – introduction.

Themes: Changing the learning experience, Guiding and personalizing, Learner-centered design, Research, Open solutions, Scaling.

Access Game Changers by chapters and case studies (PDF and HTML) or whole book (PDF)

Oblinger, Diana G., editor. Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies. EDUCAUSE, 2012.

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