• Academic Integrity Week is October 18–22. Take the academic integrity pledge and attend an academic integrity workshop. Tell us why academic integrity is important to you by tagging @LangaraCollege and using #IntegrityAtLangara.

    Take the Pledge

    The Integrity at Langara pledge affirms YOUR commitment to act with integrity both on and off campus. When we act with integrity we are seen as honest, trustworthy and responsible. When we do not act with integrity in our coursework, it causes far reaching harms to ourselves, our classmates, our instructors, and our communities. When we cheat or plagiarize it also devalues the quality of education for everyone and creates an unfair learning environment.

    By acting with integrity in all our coursework, it ensures that our degrees, certificates, and diplomas represent our true skills, knowledge, and understanding.


    • To be fair to my classmates, instructors, and college community by completing all my academic work with integrity
    • To uphold the values of fairness, honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, and courage
    • To be a community member that others can trust to do the right thing even when no one is watching
    • To ask questions if I do not understand or need help
    • To uphold the highest standards of academic integrity

    After taking the pledge, check your email for a digital pledge badge or visit one of the following locations on campus to pick up a button!

    • Library Reference Desk
    • The Writing and Tutoring Centre
    • Student Engagement Kiosk
    • Registrar’s Office Front Desk
    • Langara Global
    • The Community Cupboard
    • The Gathering Space
    • Accessibility Services
    • Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity
    • The Hub
  • Please include your email to receive a digital pledge badge. Emails will not be used for any other purpose and will be deleted at the end of the campaign.
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