Adapting Courses for Online Delivery

When moving from face-to-face to online or remote delivery, you may need to re-think your course design. To adapt your course, start with these three elements: course learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, and assessments.

Outcomes: What students should know, value, and be able to do or accomplish by the end of the course

Outcomes may be listed in your course outline or implied in the course description. Outcomes are the foundation of the course regardless of the delivery format (face-to-face or online). They help guide your decisions about what to keep, what to adapt, and what can be considered “extra” at this point.

Watch these short videos for an overview of Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning.

Outcomes-Based Teaching & Learning Part I (3:20)

Outcomes-Based Teaching & Learning Part II (4:45)

Teaching & learning activities: What happens in the course to support students’ achievement of the outcomes

Teaching and learning activities comprise the bulk of the day-to-day experiences in your course. They include in-class activities such as lectures, group discussions, and hands-on work as well as out-of-class activities such as course readings.


See Finding Alternatives to In-class Activities
Get support from your Division’s faculty mentor or from EdTech and TCDC

In order to move assessment online, look at your course learning outcomes and ask yourself how students might demonstrate their learning of those outcomes online? Feedback is essential to the learning process, so also consider how you will provide feedback to students.

Assessments: How students demonstrate their learning and receive feedback

Set realistic goals and expectations for online assessment. This may mean paring down exams, group projects, presentations etc.
Consider challenges students might be facing with access to technology including computers, internet, video conferencing tools.
Consider flexible deadlines and/or open book exams to accommodate students’ changing circumstances.

View the following videos to learn more about online assessment.

Amazing Assessments (Online!): 8 Langara College Instructors share creative online assignments with which to engage students.(18:23 mins)

Assignments in an online class. (5:25 mins)

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