Welcome to the Edtech Studio

What We Do

EdTech’s Studio is a media production studio where Langara faculty and instructional staff can produce and translate ideas into educational, professional, and engaging media-rich content.

We offer services for a variety of projects including do-it-yourself productions, teaching and learning support, as well as professional media production services. Here are a few ways we can assist and support you:


      We can work with you to assess your communication and teaching goals and objectives. Based on those, we can assist and lead you in the right direction.


      We can guide you through the most appropriate video and podcasting production processes. And, to help you get started, please review our Pre-Production Checklist.


      Our illuminated lightboard makes it possible to demonstrate and annotate concepts in real time. (See video below.)


    Easily and professionally record video and audio content in our recording studio.

To explore other ways we can assist you, please feel free to contact us.

Come check out the Studio ...

Email edtech@langara.ca to book a time to tour the EdTech Studio, located on the 2nd floor of C Building, North Tower. Come meet our Technical Media Producer and Advisor (Multimedia), who will introduce you to our state-of-the-art EdTech Studio, dedicated to helping you improve your audio and video offerings.