Recording Kaltura Video Feedback in Brightspace Assignments

You can use Kaltura to record video (or audio) feedback when evaluating Assignment folder submissions. There are two methods for recording video feedback using Kaltura.

  1. Record your webcam only, using Web Recorder (can also be used to record audio only)
  2. Record your screen, your webcam, or a combination of the two, using Kaltura Capture

Record Webcam Audio/Video Only (Web Recorder)

Steps for Recording Video Feedback (Web Recorder)

  1. In Assignments submissions, click Evaluate next to a submission
    The Evaluate link in the Submissions screen of the Assignments tool

  3. In the Overall Feedback box, click Insert Stuff (you may need to click the plus sign to show this button)
    The Insert Stuff button
    The Other Insert Options menu, with the pointer hovering over Insert Stuff

  5. Choose My Media
  6. In the My Media window, click Add New > Web Recorder
    The Kaltura Add New menu, with the pointer hovering over Web Recorder

  8. Use the Web Recorder to record your video.
    1. Grant permission to use your webcam and microphone if your browser requests it
      A browser pop-up asking for permission for to use your microphone and your camera; the pointer is hovering over the Allow button.

    3. Click the red circle to start the recording
    4. Click the square to stop the recording
    5. Once you’re done recording, you can preview the video, then choose either Record Again, or click the Use This button to proceed
    6. If you click Use This, you will be asked to give the video a Name, a Description, and Tags and Usage rights (if desired); you can also simply accept the automatically generated title and move on
    7. Click Save and Embed, then in the next window, click Insert to embed the video in the feedback box, assign a score for the Assignment, and save your evaluation as a Draft or Publish

Video Demos

How to Record Video Feedback in Brightspace Assignments (Web Recorder)

See below for a video demo of the video feedback recording process.


How to Use the Kaltura Web Recorder

See below for a detailed video demonstration of the Web Recorder (click here to learn more about the Kaltura Web Recorder).

Record Video Feedback with Screen Capture (Kaltura Capture)

How to Record Video Feedback in Brightspace Assignments (Kaltura Capture)

  1. From the list of Assignment Submission Folders, click on the relevant assignment
  2. Click on a student’s submission
    Screenshot of links to multiple students' assignment submissions.








  3. In the feedback box, click on the + to expand the options, then select Insert Stuff
    Screenshot of the Insert Stuff menu option inside a Feedback window.








  4. Select My Media (it’s at the bottom of the list)
    Screenshot of the Insert Stuff window with the MyMedia option highlighted at the bottom.






  5. Click the Add New button and select Kaltura Capture
    Screenshot of the MyMedia window open with Add New - Kaltura Capture both highlighted.









  6. If you haven’t previously used Kaltura Capture, you will need to download it and make sure you select the correct version for your device: Windows or Mac
    Screenshot of the installation page for Kaltura Capture with two options highlighted (Download for Windows and Download for Mac).
  7. Once it’s installed and launched, close the above window
  8. Before you start recording, take a look at the student’s work and note what you want to include in your recording; how much you pre-mark (if anything) is at your discretion – this can be nothing, a few highlights/underlines, or longer typed-out comments
  9. When you are ready to start recording, hit the “New Recording” button in the Kaltura Capture window
    Screenshot of the Kaltura Capture software interface with 'New Recording' highlighted at the top right of the window.





  10. You will see the recording controls pop-up
    1. Select what you want to record (your screen, you, and/or audio); if you want just the computer screen and your voice recorded, you can turn off the camera; if you’d like the students to be able to see you speaking, keep the camera turned on as well
    2. Select “Full Screen” or “Select Area” (we recommend full screen)
      Screenshot of the Kaltura Capture Recording Interface with options to record Screen, Camera and/or Audio.







  11. You will see a 3 second countdown; while the countdown is happening, click on the student’s assignment and expand the feedback window to full screen
    Screenshot of the toolbar on a student assignment with the 'expand window' option highlighted.
  12. Record your feedback
    1. To pause the recording, hit the pause button
    2. To end the recording, hit the square stop button
      Screenshot of the Kaltura Capture record mini-window with options to stop or pause recording highlighted.


    3. Note: if you’re not recording somewhere like a Brightspace Assignment folder where there are annotation tools, you can click the pencil icon and open Notation tools within Kaltura Capture (drawing, arrows, text comments, etc.)
      Screenshots of the markup/annotation tools window that appears when you click on the pencil/edit icon within the Kaltura Capture record mini-window.




  13. Once you hit the stop button, you will be asked to confirm
    Screenshot of the options that appear after you hit stop record. One is highlighted - Yes, Stop It.



  14. Give the video a new title so that you’ll be able to identify each student’s feedback in your media list later and then click Save and Upload
    Screenshot of the Kaltura Capture Library window with the Title of the recording highlighted.








  15. It can take a few minutes for videos to finish uploading and be available in your list of media through My Media
    1. Continue on to the next student and record their video feedback
    2. Once you’re finished with the next student, come back to the previous student and access Insert Stuff > My Media again
    3. Find the student’s feedback video (it should be the top one in your list) and click the Embed button
      Screenshot of the MyMedia interface in the Insert Stuff menu option within Brightspace. The Embed button is highlighted.







    4. Then click Insert
      Screenshot of the Insert Stuff window with a video inserted from MyMedia. The Insert button is highlighted.







  16. On the bottom right you will have the option to Publish (which will release the feedback to the student immediately) or Save Draft (to save and release to the whole class at a later time)
    Screenshot of the Publish and Save Draft buttons


  17. If you want to do a batch release of your feedback after saving the drafts, you can do so from the Submissions page
    1. Check the top left box to select all
    2. Click Publish Feedback
      Screenshot of the Assignment Submissions window with Publish Feedback and the Select All checkbox highlighted.




    Video Demo: How to Record Video Feedback in Brightspace Assignments (Kaltura Capture)

    See below for a video demo of the video feedback recording process. Follow the same steps for Kaltura Capture, except at the step where you choose from the Add New menu, choose Kaltura Capture.