Contacting your students before classes start

Emailing Through Brightspace

It is a good idea to contact your students before the first day to welcome them to the course and give them some guidance for getting started.

You can use the Brightspace email tool to contact them at their Office 365 Langara email addresses. We have created a short video showing how you can contact your students

 Please encourage students who are not familiar with Brightspace to visit the Brightspace by D2L section of Help with Student Learning Tools Support site.

Because registration is on-going, class lists will change. When you send a welcome email, only the students who are registered at the time you send it will receive the message. If students register after you have sent your email, you will need to resend the message to them.

Using a Liquid Syllabus

According to Michelle Pacansky-Brock, “Liquid content refers to web content that is highly shared” and a liquid syllabus is “an accessible, public website that incorporates a brief, friendly welcome video and course information written in welcoming, student-centered language.” Michelle shares an example here:

Humanizing Pre-Course Contact with a Liquid Syllabus

And she has built a course to help you create your own: Creating a liquid syllabus

Best wishes for a smooth semester start for you and your students!