Accessibility Handbook for Teaching and Learning

Accessibility handbook for teaching and learning Langara’s Educational Technology Department is excited to officially launch the Accessibility Handbook for Teaching and Learning. This free book is a comprehensive guide to digital accessibility explaining key concepts such as colour contrast, alternative text, and closed captioning. Foundational knowledge of digital accessibility is complemented with detailed, step-by-step instructions to create accessible content in platforms like Brightspace, PebblePad, PowerPoint, and Word.

With the introduction of the Accessibility British Columbia Act, post-secondary institutions will be required to adhere to accessibility standards for service and education. Langara has formed an accessibility committee and created an accessibility plan to identify, remove, and prevent barriers to accessibility. To meet those goals educational materials must be accessible and inclusive. Creating accessible material will require a consistent effort and refocusing of how digital content is created.

Screenshot of quick guide from the handbook

Accessibility is not a feature, it’s a necessity. The Accessibility Handbook for Teaching and Learning provides faculty, staff, and students with the knowledge and tools to incorporate accessibility into their existing workflows. Inside this deliberately structured and fully accessible web book, readers will find an extensive resource including quick start guides, step-by-step instructions, demonstration videos, and links to further resources. Best of all, this guide is supported and frequently updated by Langara’s Assistive Technologist, Luke McKnight.

The Accessibility Handbook for Teaching and Learning empowers all Langarans with the knowledge and tools to make accessible digital content. Accessible content is essential to learner success, democratic access to information, and minimizes feelings of othering. Creating and choosing more accessible content is essential to ensuring inclusivity is a reality for your team, in your classroom, and for your classmates.

The handbook is available for free under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, allowing you to use, share, and adapt the material as needed.

Contact Luke McKnight or for more information including direct support in creating accessible content.