DASSH Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Applied Social Sciences and Humanities diploma program, students will be able to:

  1. Communicate information effectively for a variety of audiences and purposes using appropriate format and tone through structured written, oral, and visual presentations (Communication)
  2. Use social science, psychological, and humanities knowledge to identify and think critically about social interpersonal and technical issues, problems, and challenges (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving)
  3. Accurately represent, interpret, and explain data in graphs, spreadsheets, and reports
  4. Produce, read, and interpret financial statements and plan budgets using appropriate methods, tools, and technology
  5. Find and evaluate information sources for credibility, reliability, and logic using a variety of platforms and formats
  6. Evaluate and apply basic research methods
  7. Apply knowledge of ethical theory and decision-making models to identify and analyze ethical issues and problems and work toward solutions
  8. Effectively use digital media and software for communication, collaboration, research, data collection, organization, and analysis
  9. Acquire and use governmental, economic, business, cultural, and historical knowledge to make informed decisions
  10. Explore, connect, and apply concepts and methods across multiple fields to evaluate and improve systems and processes
  11. Work collaboratively to identify problems, implement solutions, and achieve common goals