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Taking Non-DASSH Courses

There may be many reasons to take courses that don’t qualify for DASSH credit.  The DASSH program encourages students to explore beyond the DASSH curriculum for the career, transfer or personal benefit it might bring.

Additional courses do not count towards DASSH credit,  but may be necessaryfor satisfying pre-requisites or transfer credits necessary for a program you want to get into after DASSH.

Consult with your program coordinator to discuss your electives and non-DASSH courses. 

Transfer Credits Into DASSH

You might already be part-way through DASSH!  Credits taken at Langara in other programs, and credits earned in other institutions might be eligible for transfer towards your DASSH credits.  This process is time consuming and requires you to provide appropriate course outlines and other paperwork to the registrar.

There are limits on how many credits can be transferred into a program and many courses will not be considered for transfer for many reasons. For directions on how to transfer credit into Langara College, please go here:  Langara Registrar: Transfer Credit.

(Note, the DASSH coordinator does not approve transfer credits for courses other than those labelled “DASH” in the course calendar.)