Finding Your Pathway Through DASSH

This page contains a variety of different ways to think about your pathway through DASSH.  Many students come to DASSH not sure of where they will go afterwards, some students have a clear objective in mind.  Either way these tools will help you understand the program and your options within it.  It will also set a good foundation for discussions with your program advisor.

Your plans can always be updated and changed. As you progress through the program your interests might change – this is just to help you think about your options.

Thinking Through some of these questions can be helpful when talking with your DASSH program advisor.

Where are your interests?

Which of these takes your interest?  Do you know what people in all of these disciplines do? You will be exposed people who work in these fields when you take DASSH 1199.  You will encounter some of these as core courses and others you can select from for electives.

These are subject areas and programs available at Langara College to DASSH students.  Click to link to that department or program.

Aboriginal Studies  Canadian Studies  Economics  Geography Peace & Conflict Studies Psychology
Anthropology  Classical Studies  Environmental Studies  History Philosophy Religious Studies 
Asian Studies  Criminal Justice / Criminology Family Studies  Latin American Studies Political Science Sociology 
Women’s Studies