Where are you DASSHing off to?

At some point through your program you will start to think about where you want to go after DASSH. Would you like to ladder into a university program? Are you aiming to find work in a particular field or industry?

At some point it would be valuable to start exploring and making connections in the industry you are interested in pursuing.  Or, perhaps you want to start exploring degree programs or other educational programs that have taken your interest.

You will want to select courses that best support the interests you have for after DASSH.  You may want to specifically select electives that transfer into the program you want to ladder into. Or perhaps a particular set of courses or skills would be an advantage or a requirement for a particular career path or specific job you’re interested in pursuing.

Developing a sense of your interests will also be important in planning your 2199 project.

Langara Academic counsellors can help with process, as can your DASSH advisor.