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Wondering about the best way to solicit student video or audio submissions in Brightspace? It depends on your preference and the requirements of the assignment.

Students have mostly same access to Brightspace as instructors, with just a few exceptions, so media file submissions can be submitted anywhere in Brightspace that students can see the Brightspace Editor.

For example, if you’ve asked your students to record themselves presenting a PowerPoint presentation, videos created in PowerPoint can be uploaded to Kaltura and shared, or students can use the in-browser Kaltura Web Recorder or Kaltura Capture (which requires installing an app on a Windows or Mac computer) to record their presentation – both of the latter two automatically save the video in the user’s Kaltura My Media library.

Recommended Submission Methods

The recommended method for students to submit a video would depend on whether students will be sharing the video with the class, or submitting it for only you to see.

Video or Audio for Instructor’s Eyes Only

If only you will be seeing the submission, and students don’t also need to submit another file, like an essay, alongside the video, the recommended method is to have them embed the video in an Assignment folder. Create the folder as a Text Submission folder, which doesn’t require students to upload a separate file attachment in order to submit it.

Students can upload/record and embed in one process right in the Assignment Folders text editor box. You can find instructions explaining how to upload and embed a Kaltura video here (text version of how to upload and embed a Kaltura video here). Share these instructions with students when you set the assignment.

Video or Audio Shared with the Class

If you want students to share the video with their fellow students, there are two options:

  1. Have them upload/embed a video in a Discussions topic. This places the video in the thread where everyone can see it, and allows other students to reply to the post, and can be graded directly as you can connect Discussion topics to the gradebook for individual grading (doesn’t work well with Groups). Instructions for this process are the same for uploading/embedding in an Assignment folder.
  2. Have them submit their video to your course’s Media Gallery. Media added to the Media Gallery is available to everyone registered in a course, but no one else.
    You can set your Media Gallery to be moderated (which requires you to approve submission) or unmoderated (which allows anyone in the course to post there). You can also enable commenting in the Media Gallery, if you want students to be able to respond to others’ shared media there (though you can’t connect student Media Gallery submissions to the gradebook).
    You can find your courses Media Gallery under the My Tools menu, and student instructions for submitting to a Media Gallery here.
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