Getting Started with Your New Course

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Not sure where to start? Here’s a list of common setup tasks in linear order.

  1. Accessing Your Courses in Brightspace
    How to find and access your courses.
  2. Copy Content from Another Course
    Borrowing or re-using content from a previous semester, or content created by someone else? Here’s how to copy that content into your new course shell.
  3. Course Banner Image
    How to edit your course’s banner image.
  4. Set Up Your Gradebook
    How to set up your gradebook using the Grades Setup Wizard.
  5. Creating and Managing Content (Table of Contents)
    Creating and managing your course content (setting up your Table of Contents with weekly modules, notes, chapters, readings, etc.).
  6. The Brightspace Accessibility Checker
    Learn how to use built-in tools to make your course accessible for all students. See Accessibility for more information about accessibility features in Brightspace.
  7. Setting Up an Assignment Folder
    How to create an Assignment folder for assignment submissions.
  8. Creating Quizzes
    How to create a new Brightspace Quiz.
  9. Contacting Your Students Before Classes Start
    How to email your students before they gain access to Brightspace on the first day of classes.
  10. Setting Your Course to Active
    You need to set your course to active before students will be able to see it on the first day of classes. Learn how.

More questions? The navigation at the top of the site is organized to mimic the Brightspace navigation bar (E.g. questions about Assignments? See Assessments > Assignments. Anything that doesn’t appear in a Brightspace menu will appear under Course Admin & Other. Interactive Resources holds self-directed Mini-Courses and the Workshop Hub.

Have a question that isn’t covered here? Contact EdTech.