Course Information for  Math1170 - Precalculus Mathematics

<Section 01&04 in the 200930(Fall) semester>

(See below for information regarding Grades and Test Dates, Other Requirements, and the Instructor  for this section.)

Text:   Precalculus: Functions And Graphs  by Swokowski and Cole, 10th ed. (11th ed.also ok)

Schedule of Topics and Events: (subject to change)
Week#1 Introduction and Pretest; The Real Number System Text Ch1, Sec2.1,2,3
&parts of 10.1,2,&3
Web Module#1
Week#2 Cartesian Coordinates; Lines and Conic Sections
Week#3 Relations and Functions; Function Notation; Domain, Range, and Graph Text Sec2.4,5,6&4.1
Web Module#2
Week#4 Composite Functions and Inverse Functions
Week#5 Linear and Quadratic Functions, Polynomial Functions Text Ch3 Web Module#3
Week#6 Rational Functions and Asymptotes;   Mid-Term#1
Week#7 Radicals and Algebraic Functions; Introduction to Exponential Functions
Text Ch4
Web Module#4
Week#8 Logarithms and Exponential & Logarithmic Equations with applications
Week#9 Geometry Review; Introduction to Trig ratios and Basic Applications
Text sec5.1,2,7
and sec7.1&7.2
Web Module#5
Week#10 More Trig Applications; Law of Cosines, Law of Sines
Week#11 Introduction to Circular Functions and Trig Identities;  Mid-Term#2
Text sec 5.3,4,5,6
and all of Ch6
Week#12 Trigonometric Equations and Inequalities, Inverse Trig Functions
Week#13 Review  Mock Final
Web Module#6
Week#14 Study Day and EXAMS


(*)Subject to departmental policy ( see,
the grades for the course will be computed as follows:

40% for a comprehensive 2hr final exam (on a date to be scheduled by the college administration. You will have to be available at whatever time is scheduled - see college policy statement in calendar for details)

60% for term work  - distributed as follows:

20%(of overall mark) for each of two 1hr mid-terms  (tentative dates Th Oct 15,  Tu Nov 17)
and 20% for Homework, Labs, and Quizzes, etc (Expect  6 biweekly HW sets worth about 2% each. The rest will come from a combination of occasional labs, quizzes, and in-class exercises or on-line discussions)

Expectations and Requirements:

For more information about what to expect from the course (and what will be expected from you) see

Instructor: Alan Cooper

office: B154e, telephone: 604-323-5676, email:
Office Hours:
                        1230-1300 & 1400-1430 TR  or 'by appointment'