Course Information for  Math1174Sec02 in 2009-10 (Winter-Spring) Semester

Calculus I with Economic and Business Applications


Alex Himonas & Alan Howard, Calculus: Ideas and Applications, Wiley required
 Problem Book for Mathematics 1174 (in bookstore) – required.

Study Guide and Student Solutions Manual for the textbookoptional

Schedule of Topics and Events:  (subject to change)

Topic Text Sections
Week#1 Introduction and Review of precalculus Chapter 0
Week#2 Limits and Continuity Chapter1
Week#3 Exponentials andLogs,  Definition of e Chapter 2
Week#4 Definition and Interpretation of the Derivative Sec3.1,2,3,4
Week#5 Computation of Derivatives Ch 2 and Sec3.5&6
Week#6 Mid-Term #1
Week#7 Chain Rule, Implicit Differentiation, Related Rates Sec3.7&8
Week#8 Optimization and Graphing Chapter 4
Week#9 Economic Applications, Elasticity; L'Hopital's rule PB
Week#10 Trigonometric functions Sec8.1,2,3 and PB
Week#11 Mid-Term #2
Week#12 Antiderivatives Sec 5.1
Week#13 Review
Week#14 Study Day and EXAMS


Subject to departmental policy , the grades for the course will be based

40% on a comprehensive 2hr final exam (on a date to be scheduled by the college administration. You will have to be available at whatever time is scheduled - see college policy statement in calendar for details)

60% for term work  - distributed as follows:

20%(of overall mark) for each of two 1hr mid-terms (tentative dates Wed Feb 18 and Wed Mar 25)
and 20% for Homework assignments and Quizzes
(expect about 10 weekly HW sets worth about 1% each, and occasional short Quizzes with little, no, or "negative" notice to make up the rest)

Instructor: Alan Cooper    Office: B154e   Tel: 604 323 5676     eMail:     
Office Hours: 1000-1030WR or "by appointment"