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Retiring on Sept1!

The title really says it all, but though I look forward to a new level of freedom I will miss the daily interaction with students and colleagues.

This site may disappear more or less promptly, but I will be continuing with some of my work-related (and other) interests at my own domain

We are all Connected – Maplesoft Blog

A recent posting from the Marketing Engineer at Maplesoft (publishers of the ‘Maple’ computer algebra system) does exactly what I wanted to do in my earlier posting about the “Get Connected” theme of this year’s “Welcome to Langara” day.

And here’s a link to another take on the same theme.

First Week of Classes

Now that the Fall Term Is Under Way, there are only a couple of days left for registration, but for any students entering classes after the first session it is important to know what has happened so far. In my Math 1170 classes on Tuesday we went over the information in the course outline, did a bit of review of the Real Number System, and started on the PreTest. Any latecomers should download the pretest and take 35 minutes to do as much of it as you can, and then maybe take more time as needed to add to or change your work – but using a different coloured pen or pencil. For those who also miss Thursday’s class, the solutions and marking scheme will be posted on the course information page and you should use them to mark your own work, giving two marks for each question – one for the timed work and one for the time unlimited version.

For any of the questions that you had difficulty with, it is important to resolve those problems over the first weekend – most of the topics are covered in Chapter 1 of the text and if you have any difficulty with that you should see me as soon as possible.

Hello world!

Welcome to my pages on iWeb@Langara Langara iWeb. This is the first post that was generated by WordPress as it “woke up” and I just didn’t have the heart to delete it.