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Mathematical Paintings

From the MathForum newsletter:
David Crockett Johnson was perhaps most famous for his children’s book Harold and the Purple Crayon. From 1965 until his death in 1975, Crockett Johnson painted over 100 works relating to mathematics and mathematical physics. Of these paintings, eighty are found in the collections of the National Museum of American History. They are presented on this site, with related diagrams from the artist’s library and papers.

iWeb Update

The mathstats files were transferred last week and redirection seems to be working fine so that all links to the old site continue to work (including the ~name links that led to our personal pages!) – for which many thanks to Bob Walker and Jeff Perreault. Also, the capability for embedding external video sources has been added to this WPMU installation so that the “Old News” posting below can be duplicated in iWeb just as it was on my alQpr site. I believe that Bob and Jeff will soon be enabling WPMU accounts for all faculty, and they have already set one up for the mathstats department on which I am experimenting with duplicating at least some parts of the old website so that they will be easier to edit.

Department Meeting

Wed Ap 29 from 1230-1430 in B146
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Some Old News

Some pictures of Math Dept members performing in the 2005 Langara Gala (prompted by seeing them in the poster for this year’s event)

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This reminds me that we also have some pictures of the first performance of Ted’s play at the 2005 Langara Open House


And here is the video of the whole performance – also including Robin and Michael doing the Monty Hall routine:

<<And here there was supposed to be an embedded video – which also works fine on my other blog >>