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iWeb Update

The mathstats files were transferred last week and redirection seems to be working fine so that all links to the old site continue to work (including the ~name links that led to our personal pages!) – for which many thanks to Bob Walker and Jeff Perreault. Also, the capability for embedding external video sources has been added to this WPMU installation so that the “Old News” posting below can be duplicated in iWeb just as it was on my alQpr site. I believe that Bob and Jeff will soon be enabling WPMU accounts for all faculty, and they have already set one up for the mathstats department on which I am experimenting with duplicating at least some parts of the old website so that they will be easier to edit.

Trying It Out

ok – Having faculty blogs is a good idea, and this will be useful for a lot of things.  But in order for the blog to substitute for existing pages it will be necessary to be able to modify the theme (eg  to change layout and banner images), and it will also be necessary to be able to upload various pages and files that may not fit into the template structure (such as documents, spreadsheets, java applets etc.) So far the “media” upload feature of this WPMU installation only accepts a very limited set of file types, but I am hoping that perhaps that can be adjusted.