Update to Chegg Honor Code Support

The Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity has recently become aware that Chegg has changed their Honor Code support for institutions, and will no longer provide user information through online Honor Code requests.

Previously our office, when sent links to information posted to Chegg from Langara College exams, were able to contact Chegg who would then remove the content and provide a detailed list of information related to the questions posted to Chegg – including user name and email, answer date, and the answer provided by other Chegg users. All of this information is no longer provided by Chegg as of August 8, 2022.

If you find that a question has been posted to Chegg, our office will still be able to aid in the removal of the content and to receive information about the answers provided on Chegg. However, user information is no longer provided. In order to do this, please contact us at studentconduct@langara.ca and provide links to the Chegg questions posted from your course content. Our office will then submit the request to Chegg, and confirm when the information has been removed from their website and provide the answer information given to us by Chegg.

In response, Chegg is now promoting their Honor Shield program, where instructors can upload copies of their exam and provide information for when their exam is scheduled. Chegg will then block those questions from their website during the set exam period. Please note that we recommend extreme caution if instructors chose to utilize this service, as instructors will likely lose the copyright to their materials once uploaded to the Honor Shield program (for more information, Chegg terms of reference can be found here: https://www.chegg.com/en-US/termsofuse). If an instructor would still like to access this service, our office has created an account to ensure that instructors do not need to upload their personal information to the site if they choose not to – please contact our office for more information if you would like support.

Our office has prepared some materials to aid instructors in the prevention and detection of academic integrity violations. Links to these resources can be found below and attached to this email:

Additional relevant Chegg information in the news:

TCDC is an excellent resource for instructors interested in further discussion into preventative design in course and fostering academic integrity in the classroom. Our office is also always available for instructors with any questions or concerns related to academic integrity or academic integrity violations.