TCDC Workshop: Reach Everyone and Teach Everyone with Universal Design for Learning

The Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre (TCDC) at Langara is organizing an upcoming webinar for instructors to discuss Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL has been encouraged as a way to ensure equal access to learning and has also been promoted as a tool to help foster academic integrity in the classroom.

From the TCDC site: “This webinar will introduce you to Universal Design for Learning, especially as newly revised for higher education (CAST, 2014). You will discover how to implement UDL in the design of your online course and service interactions, creating spaces for best teaching and support practices to take place—in the classroom and beyond….This webinar uses active-learning techniques and provides use-them-now resources for participants. Especially by relating UDL to broader access benefits for all learners, this webinar’s activities serve as a model for participants to re-frame accessibility and inclusion conversations.”

For more information on the webinar, and to sign up, visit the TCDC iweb site here: